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Welcome to the “Corona-Class-Action-Namibia” website.
The main purpose of this website is to:

  • Provide information on the Corona class action lawsuit
  • Encourage participation and registration as a plaintiff.

Furthermore, you will find videos and news, documents for download, answers to FAQ and a contact form.
We would be pleased to work for you and enjoy your trust.
So, please consider registering as plaintiff.
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The planned German American corona class action suit is directed against three German and international institutions. These institutions were the first to develop or recommend the so-called Corona PCR test, although it should have been known that this test is not suitable for diagnostic purposes. Nevertheless, states of emergency and lockdowns were imposed on the basis of these unreliable and erroneous test results, which led to immense, irreparable economic damage.
In this respect, the injured parties are entitled to compensation. Since German PCR tests were also exported to Namibia already in February 2020, the same applies to Namibia.
Details of the class action suit can be found under: About.
You will also find information about our team under: Who are we?
On this website, as a self-employed person or company in Namibia you can register as a plaintiff and assert your claim for damages.
To do so, it is important that you first determine your own damages. Here is a guide for this:
Calculation of damage – how to
How can I participate?
Here: How to join

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