Namibian participation in the German American class action for damages caused by the Corona measures


Namibian self-employed persons and companies can join the planned German American class action lawsuit against German Professor Drosten, the Robert Koch Institut (German Public Health Institute) and the World Health Organisation, because they have developed or recommended faulty PCR Corona tests and also exported them to Namibia.

In Namibia, the matter will be led by Metcalfe & Beukes attorneys.

PCR-Corona tests

It is well known that PCR-based Corona tests are highly unreliable. The inventor of the PCR method has explicitly stated that they are only suitable for clinical purposes, but not for practical testing.
In Germany, an “Extra-parliamentary Corona Committee of Enquiry”: ACCU 2020 has been established, consisting of medical doctors and lawyers inviting experts and witnesses to make any evidence public.
Scientists have confirmed beyond doubt that the tests are faulty.
In this regard, the question of product liability arises, first of all for the manufacturers of the tests, but also for the medical users – or more appropriately, mis-users – and in particular also for the public institutions and governments which have imposed draconian measures on the basis of these (unreliable) test results. It was their duty to ensure that such drastic decisions were taken based on valid data and tests and not on unreliable tests.
The first test was developed in Germany by Prof Drosten, promoted by the German Public Health Care-Institute “Robert Koch-Institut (RKI)” (an organization within the German Ministry of Health) and recommended by the World Health Organisation.
The Committee of Inquiry has concluded that it is of little help to sue in Germany, as the courts would then have to rule against their own superior employer.
However, these tests have also been exported to the US, and there, the legal situation is different: the product liability is much stricter, so is the law of evidence and there are class actions which do not exist in Germany and Namibia.

A class action is possible in the United States, for example, when foreign parties are involved, and when there is a large number of similarly damaged parties and individual actions would not be practicable because of the large number of damaged parties. This is particularly common in the area of product liability.
The court will examine the above conditions before accepting the application.
A class action allows for the possibility of bringing a legal action even where the individual amounts involved are relatively small, but where a large number of consumers is affected. In this way legal certainty is ensured and abusive behaviour by large damaging parties is also punished against individual comparatively small damaged parties.

Therefore, the leading lawyer in Germany, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who is also admitted to court in the US, together with American lawyers and Children’s Health Defence  under its chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. fill file class actions there.
Under Videos & News you will find some videos in which Dr Fuellmich explains the background, the goals and the approach of this class action suit.

… What has Namibia to do with it?

These faulty tests were exported to Namibia by the RKI and have been used here.
Thus, self-employed persons and companies established in Namibia can participate in this German American class action lawsuit because they suffered from the same damaging chain of events and the devastating effects of the Namibian Corona measures, also based on these faulty tests and data.
If the class action succeeds, the above-mentioned institutions will have to pay a lot of money in compensation. If successful, this money would be equivalent to international (WHO) and German development aid providing funds to assist and rebuild the Namibian economy.

How can I participate?

Metcalfe & Beukes attorneys have taken the lead in representing the Namibian claimants. Other lawyers may join them.
Your first step to participate is to register as a claimant, here: How to join
You will then receive a confirmation of your registration with all your data, a Legal Advice Agreement and an invoice. 
As soon as you have signed the Legal Advice Agreement and and sent it back and paid the invoice your registration process als plaintif is completed.

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