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Before you register, and in order to support our work and help us keep the administrative effort to a minimum, please also take note of he following:

The registration fee is N$ 2,500 (VAT-free).

First read the information on the page: LINK Calculation of damage – how to in order to quantify the damage and be informed  about the damage that may occur in the future.

Please start the registration process only after you have completed the damage assessment and after you have …

Then click on the button below in order to submit your claim on our Google Form:
Submit your claim here.

After you have sent the form back to us, we will email you  a “Legal Advice Agreement” and an invoice.
After you have checked, signed and sent back the Agreement and paid the invoice, your registration process is completed.


Are you a larger company that is willing to help self-employed people and micro-enterprises for whom even the N$2,500 registration fee is a bit of a hurdle?

Then you can help with a donation.

Here are the bank details:

Account Holder: Corona Class Action Namibia
Account number: 71217511001
Account Type: Transmission
Bank: BIC Namibia Limited
Branch: Prosperita
Branch Code: 884001
Beneficiary Reference: Donation

It is the same as for the registration fee. However, please make a separate transfer if possible, i.e. not together with the registration fee.

A warm thank you on behalf of all who will benefit from your donation.

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